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Moustache Sunglasses

Moustache Sunglasses

Put that moustache envy to rest, ladies and gentlemen!

Transform yourself into a wild and crazy party dude immediately by donning a pair of these Sun-Stache Sunglasses!

The sunglasses are wayfarer style, which is like so totally in right now. Dangling from two little chains is a fake moustache. (Mustache? Auto-correct keeps being a pain in the ass about this…)

The style of moustache is, uh, would you call that a Bandit Stache? It’s like a short Fu Manchu, maybe what you would call a Dirty Sanchez if you weren’t concerned about charges of racism being thrown at your drunk shopping website? (We’re not calling it a Dirty Sanchez. We’re not.)

So, yeah, when you’re partying out on a sunny day and you can’t grow your own beautiful facial hair (or don’t want to because it’s hot as shit in the sun), reach for these shades!

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