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GIVEAWAY: Mister Rogers Mug

Mister Rogers Mug

Your world has a Mr. Rogers shaped hole in it…

He’s gone but he’ll never be forgotten. In fact, you can make Mr. Rogers a part of your daily life again, starting with your morning cup of coffee!

This man – this beautiful man – was involved in making amazing children’s television from the year 1953 all the way until 2001. Mister Rogers’ laid back attitude and words of encouragement were a positive influence in the development of multiple generations of America’s youth!

Now he’s back.

This great coffee mug is covered in quotes from Mr. Rogers, lyrics from the Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood theme song, images from the Neighborhood of Make Believe and, of course, a photo of Mr. Rogers himself, looking as contagiously happy as ever.

When filled with hot liquid, Mr. Rogers goes from wearing a suit to wearing one of his signature sweaters!


We’re giving away a Mr. Rogers mug!

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Mr. Rogers Mug

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