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100 Pairs of Dice

100 Pairs of Dice

Pop Quiz: when do you need dice?

If you said, “Five minutes after a wormhole opens inside the game closet and blasts random stuff, like all the dice, into nineteen other dimensions,” congratulations – that is the correct answer! You’ve won nothing, however, as this is not a giveaway post.

What this is, is an opportunity to keep Family Nights from going off the rails by always having a full set of dice of dice on hand. And if you think we’re just talking about board games, back it up a second. Gamblers need dice, too, and Granny drunkMall loves to shoot craps!

Hell, Granny loves gambling of all kinds. Have you seen the Russian Roulette Booze Pistol? She tries sneaking that thing into the casino every chance she gets. It’s a bad idea but you can’t tell her anything and if you try she’ll just lay a guilt trip on you about how she’s going to die soon anyway.

A Granny with dice is a happy Granny!

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