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Ice Bucket Tee Shirt

Okay, so, you know how there are “pocket tees,” which are tee shirts with a pocket on them?

This is more like a pocket with a t-shirt on it.

Bucket Tees has been around since 2014 and they specialize in making shirts with one freaking giant-ass pocket covering the entire front of the shirt. The BT dudes like to use that pocket to carry around an iced down six pack of brews, which serves the double purpose of helping you stay cool on brutally hot Summer days.

But you don’t have to turn yourself into a walking cooler with the shirt. It’s still just a pocket. Anything you can do with a regular shirt pocket, you can do with an enormous shirt pocket, only bigger!

Love getting attention from birds? Fill a bucket tee with old bread.

Got a spare baby kangaroo hanging around? Let that joey hop on in the bucket.

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