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Rearview Mirror Wristband

Rearview Mirror Wristband

Most bicycles do not come with rearview mirrors.

That’s dumb.

And dangerous.

And dumb.

But you can take matters into your own hands!

Or wrists, to be more precise…

This wristband is the ultimate cyclist accessory. When you’re on the bike, flip open the mirror and set it to the angle you prefer for checking in on what’s going on behind you. This is handy for a lot of reasons and most of them have to do with you not dying today.

Don’t worry about looking like a weirdo when you get off the bike, either. You can just close the mirror back up and it looks like an ordinary wristband. You know, the kind that people wear one of when they’re just out walking around and stuff…

Also there’s a pocket on the inside where you can put money or your house key or whatever.

Stay safe!

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