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Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

Backyard squirrels are always horsin’ around anyway – make it official with a horse head feeder!

If this reminds you of those super creepy horse head masks that became weirdly popular over the last three years or so, there’s a very good reason for that. They’re made by the same company. Unlike those creepy horse masks for people, however, this version serves a purpose.

Having a squirrel feeder is pretty obviously a great way to ensure that squirrels will play in your yard and entertain you. But if you think squirrels are funny now, wait until you see one with its head shoved up inside a squirrel feeder that looks like a horse head!

Hang the feeder on a string in a tree or above the ground and get ready to snap funny pics for your friends!

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