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Spankrags Motivational Tissues

Spankrags: Motivational Tissues

Today’s S.A.D. product may be a little controversial but drunkMall never shies away from controversy! (We’re still prepared to fight you in a cage James Franco.)

Some people believe that a strong individual should be able to work towards their own goals without needing approval from others. That’s valid. But it also ignores the fact that humans are social creatures and our brains are wired to release “reward” chemicals when we have the approval of our peers.

So that’s probably what the makers of Spankrags had in mind when they were designing these special tissues. Each tissue is printed with a photograph of a woman posed in an expecting manner, as if to say, “Come on! You can do it!,” like a little motivational spank on the bottom like the sports guys on the TV do.

We don’t really know why some of the ladies aren’t wearing shirts. Maybe they were in a hurry to get to the photoshoot or something…

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