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Bill the Butcher Pin

Bill the Butcher Pin

Gangs of New York‘s Bill the Butcher is maybe the most quotably likable (likably quotable?) bad guy in any Martin Scorsese movie. Now you can wear him with you all the time in a dapper lapel pin!

Our old friends over at Negamidas created this lovely piece of flair. It’s available in two different tints – gray and flesh – both of which are shown in the photo above. These pins are hand-crafted, so while there may be minor differences from piece to piece, the finished product is always of the highest quality.

Whoopsy daisy!

Were you about to only buy one pin for yourself?!

You must have missed the part where we said the pin is available in two different colors. That means you can have one and a friend can have one without cramping each other’s style!

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