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Scrabble Knuckles Canvas Print

Scrabble Knuckles Canvas Print

Some quirky artwork for everyone with a love of board game night (and perhaps even a soft spot for tasteful prison tattoos) – this canvas print features a young lady with Scrabble tiles placed across her knuckles in place of the classic Robert Mitchum “LOVE/HATE” tattoos!

We found this item over at Society 6, so you don’t have to get it as a canvas print if you’d rather have it on a coffee cup or a t shirt or a phone case or something. They’ve got all sorts of options for you over there, so go check it out.

Back to the image, though. Does it look to anyone else like those Scrabble tiles were turned into jewelry? They look like some rings you’d find on Etsy or something. If that isn’t a thing that someone’s already doing then the 4 letter word Scrabble ring market is wide open, people!

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