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Obscene Ashtray

Obscene Ashtray



Oh, you’d better believe there’s a market for this type of merchandise and there has been for a W-H-I-L-E now…

Basically every porn producer in The ’70s had an ashtray like this in their office… their house… the back of their limo… You’d light a cigar just to casually rest it in the ashtray and draw attention to it and how little of a fuck you gave should anyone be bothered by it.

Ah, the good old days, as they say. They aren’t that far away!

The seller of this ashtray has a few other designs you might want to check out (link here) before making a purchase. We chose this one because life is all about first impressions and nothing makes a first impression like, “HI HOW ARE YOU WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE MY ENTIRE VAGINA HERE THAT IS!”

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