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Underwater Sea Scooter

Underwater Sea Scooter

Epic underwater adventures await!

Snorkel and scuba dives are amazing. It’s literally a visit to another world, full of strange and beautiful creatures that might as well be aliens for how different their environment is from yours.

About that environment, though…

Dive trips are no walk in the park!

Human bodies simply weren’t made for traveling through water. You can do it, for sure. But it’s a lot of work and can be extremely exhausting, which puts an unnecessary limit on the scope of your excursion!

There’s a better way.

Sea-Doo makes these gadgets that are essentially a handheld propeller. They call them underwater scooters. Fully waterproof and safe guarded, you grab the handles and steer yourself where you want to go while relaxing and enjoying the ride!

Can be used while snorkeling or on shallow scuba dives.

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