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Thug Kitchen Vegan Cookbook

Thug Kitchen Vegan Cookbook

Carnivores, this one’s for you, too!

Thug Kitchen is the #1 NYT Bestseller cookbook that’s been lighting up kitchens across the world with vegan food that actually tastes amazing…

(Yeah, yeah. We know you’ve convinced yourselves that your local vegan restaurant is soooo amazing. It’s not. Everything is somehow bland and spicy at the same time. Half the sauces are so runny they’ll disintegrate the tortilla of that “taco” before it gets anywhere near a mouth. It’s not your fault. We all tell ourselves necessary lies to make it through the day.)

First thing you gotta understand is that these aren’t the kind of vegan recipes where you buy 6 things at the grocery store, throw it all in a mason jar, take 35 photos for Pinterest and serve it up. This is real food, requiring actual prep and that’s what makes the finished product so damn good!

Now why did we say this one’s for the meat eaters as well? Because, yeah, a nicely prepared meat entree is great but if you want to go next level then you need to step up the side dish game. Any of these recipes can do with a little meat injection, too, if you like!

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