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Bare-Chested Nic Cage Workout Poster

Bare-Chested Nic Cage Workout Poster


It’s the fuel in our metaphysical gas tanks, as important to our drive and focus as food and water (and whiskey and beer) are to our bodies.

Now look at this poster of a young Nicolas Cage. He’s totally ripped, a perfect specimen. This is a young man who has no idea he will one day star in such feature films as Con Air, Ghost Rider, Face/Off, Gone in 60 Seconds or even the remake of The Wicker Man!

He had no idea that any of those moments of greatness ahead of him but he still put in the work to get that figure. That same determination is what has made him a living legend of cinema and an inspiration to us all.

Hang this poster wherever you need the spirit of The Cage most and he’ll be there to push you forward.

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