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Leather-Bound Dragon Journal

Leather-Bound Dragon Journal

Despite what the movies would have us believe, you don’t have to know hundreds of magic spells or the hidden location of ancient buried treasure to jot things down in a sick leather-bound journal with mystical creatures on the cover.

Ask anyone who’s ever kept a journal for more than a year or two and they’ll tell you that it’s rarely an interesting project.

Unless your entire life is structured upon flights of your fancy, like Brian Eno or Elon Musk or some other eccentric genius, it’s safe to say that the practice of keeping a journal is hardly more glamorous than a data dump. It’s a basic matter of removing a bunch of non-essential information from one’s mind on to the paper and it’s hugely relieving.

But don’t let that stop you from wrapping the whole ritual up in a beautiful package!

Leather covers, a steampunk-ish metal clasp and DOUBLE DRAGONS!

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