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Crotchless Leggings

Crotchless Leggings

This is how you know the yoga pants craze has gotten fully out of control.

Actually, it’s probably a pretty strong indicator of any marketable trend reaching critical mass when product makers are sitting around thinking things like, “Okay, we’ve done everything else. How can we let people fuck each other while using this?”

And that’s where we’re at with yoga pants right now, clearly, because the lady in that photo up there is using one of her hands to cover up the fact that her yoga pants have nothing covering her baby-making parts, which we appreciate because drunkMall isn’t ready to branch out into full frontal nudity just yet…

Can’t get enough of your girl wearing yoga pants?

It might be an awkward conversation but it could also be totally worth it if she’s willing to rock a pair of these in the bedroom!

(By the way, sorry to all the dudes who want to dangle out the middle of a pair of leggings. These seem to be specifically made for the female anatomy.)

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