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Fart Stopping Underwear

Fart Stopping Underwear

Farts happen.

Honestly, it’s pretty remarkable that we’ve advanced as far as we have with both society and technology without more effort put forth to solve problems that have been around before civilization itself. Like farts in public. We’ve all been smelling each other’s farts for longer than we’ve had written language.

That’s a little ridiculous but Shreddies decided it was time for someone to do something about it.

Now, first of all, if you’re planning to rip ass in a crowded place, you should know that Shreddies underwear does nothing special to muffle the sound.

What this underwear does do is absorb the odor of your farts using discreetly placed carbon filters like the ones used in chemical warfare suits. As long as you can keep it quiet, nobody ever has to know about the foul stenches emanating from your nether regions.

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