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Get Angry and Burn Shit Down Shirt

Get Angry and Burn Shit Down Shirt

Wouldn’t it be great if everyone had to wear shirts that said how they really feel about everything, deep down inside? We wouldn’t even need that many different shirts! Maybe three different ones?

There’d be one shirt for everyone who’s had a great life and doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with the world. That one could say, like, I LIKE EVERYTHING THE WAY IT IS RIGHT NOW…

Then there would be a shirt for everyone who thinks the world has problems but they aren’t that big and we’ll get them all fixed eventually. Say, WE JUST NEED TO TALK ABOUT THINGS SOME MORE…

And then there’d be this one, for everyone who’s royally pissed off and tired of waiting for the shifting tides to get the ship back on course. We’re not advocating violence or anything. Never that. But, you know, it’s all about getting people to pay attention.

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