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Cat Lady Sweater

Cat Lady Sweater

First impressions are important.

It’s all about communication, broadcasting relevant information as clearly and efficiently as possible. Fashion can do a lot, here.

Naturally, you can’t always judge a book by it’s cover. But it’s also safe to say that someone with a liberty spikes mohawk and a safety pin through their nose listens to some punk rock music, right?


So, what does a bright pink sweater that says I LIKE CATS on the front tell people about you?

Do we really have to answer that?

Of course we don’t because the sweater makes the exact point we already went over – but we will.

It says, “I appreciate the cutest things in life. For instance, the color pink and magical feline creatures are two of my favorite things. Talk to me about your cat. Show me pictures of your cat. Give me an excuse to tell you about my cat and show you pictures of my cat.”

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