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Bourbon Flask

Bourbon Flask

A standard flask doesn’t really hold that much alcohol so you’d better make it count and fill it up with the good stuff!

This flask has a 6oz. capacity, which is around 4 “official” shots of booze. Not a whole lot, really. So, again, if you’re gonna go through the whole pageantry of owning a flask, filling a flask and carrying a flask – it isn’t about getting wasted.

Carrying a flask is about bringing a little bit of luxury with you wherever you go. A lady or gentleman of certain prestige rarely leaves their own satisfaction up to random chance or even the planning of others.

With a flask of Kentucky’s finest tucked away in a pocket or handbag, even the dreariest of social engagements may be enhanced to the point of bearability! And if it’s in the cards, there’s always a chance of happening upon a co-conspirator to share the experience!

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