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Batarang Money Clip

Batarang Money Clip

Seeing as how Bruce Wayne is rich as fuuuuuu…

This is a suitable little accessory.

You know it has to drive Bruce Wayne crazy that he can’t have Bat-Gadgets for every little aspect of his normie life. You just know he’d be rollin’ out with Bat Sunglasses, a Bat-Phone Case, Bat-Nipple Clamps… The dude has a knack for branding, you gotta give him that!

This particular piece of Bat-Swag is a money clip in the shape of the famous Batarang. The wings hinge in the middle and are held together by strong magnets went closed, to keep your money securely in place.

The nicest thing about this money clip is that it’s a great quality item but it’s not overpriced, so you can buy it and still have money left to put in it when it arrives!

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