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Guinness Slippers

Guinness Slippers

Stay warm through the winter with a nice pint of Guinness… on each one of your feet!

Even though Betty the Intern has an Irish uncle who swears soaking his feet in warm Guinness is great for his eczema (disclaimer: this isn’t medical advice and you’re probably wasting your time if you do it) – that’s not what we’re suggesting.

These plush, comfy house slippers are made to look like a perfectly poured pint of Guinness, complete with the logo where it would be on a pint glass.

Guinness drinkers love drinking Guinness. It usually seems to become, like, a part of who they are as a person, or something. Think about a person you know that drinks Guinness more than they drink any other kind of beer. Do they own at least one, if not several, items of Guinness branded clothing or merchandise?


These are the perfect house slippers for the Guinness drinker in your life!

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