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Uterus Doll

Uterus Doll

Nobody else can feel your pain.

It’s a simple fact of life and every person who’s ever had a period can testify to first hand experience. Or first womb experience, if you prefer…

Because you can be having the worst period of your life… You can even complain about it to someone else but they don’t know and they don’t really care.

The only one who knows is your uterus because that’s who’s doing it to you!

Keep your friends close but your enemies closer with a uterus plush doll. It’s way cute and cuddly, about 9 inches tall and bright pink/purple colors to cheer you up. Those arm-like fallopian tubes stretch out to close to 16 inches, which is good for a little selfie with you making the uterus wave at the camera.

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