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Brain Candle

Brain Candle

Calling all wannabe evil scientists!

drunkMall can’t make you any smarter so you’re on your own with the science stuff but you know how the bad guy in the movie or cartoon always has a laboratory with shelves full of creepy body parts floating in jars of liquid?

Yeah, we can definitely hook you up in that department.

Human brains are difficult to acquire. But you don’t need to get a real one anyway. Check out this candle that looks like a big pink brain preserved in a clear liquid. Both the “liquid” and the brain are made of wax so the whole situation melts as the candle burns down.

With over 20 hours of actual burn time you’ll enjoy this creepy cool candle for a long time to come!

This candle is unscented, which is nice because a brain scent probably wouldn’t be pleasant.

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