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GIVEAWAY: Face Blanket

Face Blanket

There are certain times in life when the world needs to forget about your face for a while.

For those times, there is now: Face Blanket!

Face Blanket drapes over your head and completely obscures your face from the world, while also obscuring the world from your face (which is where most people receive a lot of external data, some of which may be upsetting).

Sitting on the subway or in the waiting area of an airport and don’t want anyone to talk to you?

Throw on a face blanket!

Face Blanket has a strategically located breathing hole to keep your oxygen supply unrestricted while still maintaining a barrier between the outside world and your own personal face. Face Blanket is not affiliated with any religion or dogmatic culture. Face Blanket is made for individuals, not groups.

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It’s Valentine’s Day and drunkMall has a lot of love for singles on this date, so we’re giving some Face Blankets away for the cause. Hit up the widget below and don’t forget to sign up for the weekly drunkMail newsletter because it’s the shit.

Face Blanket

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