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Wall Mounted Bookmark

Wall Mounted Bookmark

Reading a book before bed is the move.

It’s gotta be a real book, too, kids. Turns out staring at your beloved phone screen before bed is exactly the worst thing you can do before bed. Something about the kind of light the screen puts out makes your brain think it’s like noon instead of like time to not be awake soon.

Also, even if that light thing wasn’t a science fact, the psychology of using a phone doesn’t really work before bed. The reason you’re using the phone is that EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING INSIDE OF THAT THING AND ANYTHING COULD HAPPEN NEXT! You could get a new match on Tinder, that fire tweet you just dropped could legit go viral, etc.

None of that is good for pre-sleepy time.

You want a fucking book.

Even if it’s a good book, it isn’t suddenly going to turn into the cutest kitten video you’ve ever seen and, on some level, you’re aware of this and will eventually get super tired and go nighty night.

When that happens, having this bookmark installed on the wall next to the bed makes it easier than ever to keep your place without having to look around for that stupid paper bookmark everyone else is using.

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