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Wu-Tang Pendant

Wu-Tang Pendant

If you really represent Wu-Tang Clan, then you’ll be so ready to throw some cheddar down at the sight of this wicked Wu pendant!

Everyone says they’re down for Killa Beez now but you can tell the true shogun warriors based on their knowledge of the vernacular.

For instance, if a duck walked up on you flashin’ some chrome and talkin’ ’bout you gankin’ his shimmy, what would you do:

  1. offer this gentleman a high five
  2. punch this motherfucker’s lights out

Any hesitation at all right now means you should not under any circumstances purchase this item. Just don’t do it to yourself, bro. You can front game in other areas of interest and it’ll be fine but do not profane the greatest rap conglomerate of all time just tryna look cooler than you are.

Also, you don’t even have to go out like that because all you have to do is take the time to listen to those amazing albums and you can induct yourself in to the temple.

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