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Sponge Bed

Sponge Bed

All you savages have just been leaving your sponges on the counter, haven’t you?

Or even worse, down in the bottom of the sink…

Imagine your poor sponge. Not only is it left to sleep on cold counter surface or sink metal but it was probably at least damp when you left there. You monster. How could you? What if someone left you to sleep outside on the wet ground?

You should feel bad.

Then you should get this sponge bed.

It’s a bed for your sponge.

That’s all. Just a bed. But it’s more than you’ve ever done for your sponge before. It never asked for much. You can give your sponge this.

It also happens to look pretty cute in your kitchen, if you’ll only do a nice thing for your sponge with selfish motives. There you go.

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