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Hammock Pool Floats

Hammock Pool Floats

Hammocks in water are so much better than hammocks on land.

Look, if you enjoy more than, say, 13 alcoholic beverages on an average day then a hammock strung up between two trees or whatever is not your friend. You might as well leave a few rakes laying around in your yard too because it’s only a matter of time until you end up looking like an old cartoon character having a a real bad day…

But in the water?

There’s no where to fall!

Also, most of these pool floats you see people using keep the majority of your body out of the water. Isn’t the point of hanging out in a pool to enjoy the water on a nice day?

These pool hammocks let you do it all! A net is suspended inside of the inflatable segment so you can hang out like a semi-beached whale!

Float around in the water! Get wet! It’s a party!

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