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Drop Crotch Sweatpants

Drop Crotch Sweatpants

Millennial fashion alert!

These jogging pants are for everyone who ever saw a picture of Justin Bieber and thought, “Oh, yeah, that makes sense to wear,” rather than something like, “What are kids wearing these days?!”

Listen, we’re not that tight with the fashion community and we don’t claim to know what’s “in” right now…

But are these pants the next big thing?

Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Because right now we’re wondering if these were invented to accommodate men unfortunate enough to be cursed with elephantitis of the balls or something. (If you haven’t seen pictures, probably don’t look it up.)

Get out that credit card and you could be wearing pants that’ll have them wondering what exactly it is that you keep in there requiring this sort of design!

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