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This is everything dessert is supposed to be.

The Dutch did a pretty good job of keeping stroopwafels to themselves for a long time but the secret is out!

What’s a stroopwafel?

Well, the word literally means “syrup waffle” and that’s basically what it is: two very thin and very sweet waffle-textured cookies held together by a sticky layer of caramel syrup, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon. Imagine the freshest waffle cone ever smashed into a pancake of sweet, buttery, caramel goodness by every ounce of love this world has for you – that’s what it tastes like to us, at least.

We find stroopwafels in American grocery stores every now and then but nobody over here knows what they are, so they usually end up getting stale on the shelves. That’s no good.

The BlackTie box comes with four individually wrapped packages of stroopwafels and each package contains 10 stroopwafels. That’s 40 individual stroopwafels per order!

Prepare your mouths for satisfaction!

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