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Ultimate Shower Caddy

Ultimate Shower Caddy

If you don’t have at least 10 different items in your shower at all times then you’re practically undateable by modern standards. No, a shower beer doesn’t count!

But half of you live in shitty studio apartments with bathrooms so small it gives new meaning to the term “water closet.”

And society doesn’t care.

You don’t get a free pass.

Each of us is still held to the highest standard of personal appearance. We must be perfectly coiffed, manicured, follicled, exfoliated, infoliated and broiled to perfection.

Thus, the problem becomes: where in the hell are all these tubes of beauty juice and hair serums and loofahs and oompa loompas supposed to fit?!

Solution: this epic shower caddy!

Hang it right from the showerhead and you’ve got several shelves and hanging hooks and a mirror and all the shit you need for all the shit you keep in your shower!

Suction cups on the back of the frame keep the whole structure securely in place, so you can concentrate on more important things like absentmindedly reading the back of your conditioner for the 9,000th time!

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