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Wrap Around Cyclops Sunglasses

Wrap Around Cyclops Sunglasses

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, we’re living in the future and it’s time to start dressing like it! It’s as if Mumford and Sons got popular, everyone grew out their beards and started wearing suspenders and the whole world forgot we aren’t doing the 1940s all over again…

It’s a new millennium, people! Remember when Y2K happened? Remember the special effect in music videos in the year 2000? Whoever had that animation software to make The Secret World of Alex Mack metallic liquid stuff must have made a trillion dollars that year because it was all over the place.

You gonna let people from almost two decades ago out future you? It’s time to turn this thing back around. Metallic everything, please. Let’s see some cyberpunk aesthetics, please.

Ease into it by rocking these wraparound “cyclops” shades. They’re a bit like something Van Damme would wear in an ’80s flick, which, again, is apparently a decade that had a much more awesome concept of what fashion in the year 2016 would be like than those of us actually living here…

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