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Cactus Candles

Cactus Candles

Add a touch of the desert to your next mezcal tasting party with some adorable tea candles!

Like an itty bitty bit of the Southwest in your home, these candles look just like tiny cactuses! Or cacti, if you will. But just look at them!

Cactuses are awesome, in case nobody ever told you. In the middle of deserts, one of the driest climates on the planet, there exists a plant that can store large amounts of the water it needs to survive. That’s bonkers!

You’re probably aware that many species of cactus have spines that can poke you if you touch them but did you know that some species are venomous? You don’t have to worry about that with these candles though – no spikes, just cuteness!

Now if we can just figure out how to order some of them there peyote cactuses….

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