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Pink Flames Faux Leather Jacket

Pink Flames Leather Jacket

Leather jacket season is coming up quick!

Unlike other pretenders to the throne, it truly is the most wonderful time of the year. For those magical months that are cool enough you get to slap yourself into the ultimate symbol of badassery!

Honestly just a straight-up black leather jacket is pretty fucking badass but you can take it way farther than that. This beautiful faux leather jacket comes in a “robin’s egg” blue with hot pink flames and the words SMOKIN’ HOT emblazoned across the back. The snaps and zippers on the front are shiny gold, you get some zippered pockets in the deal and more hot pink with a belted waist!

Really the only problem with this jacket is they don’t appear to have made a full line of them with different sayings on the back for you and your whole crew to get different ones to form the most fabulous street gang of all time.

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