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Canned Scorpions

Canned Scorpions

It’s a can of scorpions!

Don’t worry – they aren’t alive. (Although, that’s probably a thing somewhere in this crazy world.)

These scorpions are meant to be served as a little snack…

Each can contains two Chinese Armor Tail scorpions that were boiled (possibly alive, if you’re evil enough to want that to be the case?), then dehydrated and salted to perfection!

Seriously it’s probably not that bad and you definitely know at least one person that would be totally freaked out if you just grabbed a can of scorpions from the cabinet, popped it open and started chowing down on some arachnids.

The description says it’s a great source of protein. Also that there are no artificial colors or flavorings – because that’s what you were worried about, here, right?

This same company offers Black Tail Scorpions, Bug Kebabs, Cricket Powder, Moth Poop Tea, Zebra Tarantulas and a whole bunch of other questionable shit that’s apparently legal to sell people under the recommendation that they ingest it…

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