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Analog Instant Camera

Analog Instant Camera

Did you know people are still out here making awesome new cameras that take instant film?

There aren’t a lot of them but they’re out there!

You’re looking at the A-1 from Impossible Project, the first new camera for the original Polaroid photo format in over 20 years!

The A-1 is an analog camera with a more advanced flash ring for better lighting and better photographs. But if you want to take advantage of modern technology you can actually link the A-1 up with an optional smartphone app to apply effects and filters to your instant exposures!

Impossible makes new film for their camera that is available in color or black and white. The camera also works with 600-type instant film if you’ve got some of that still sitting around undeveloped!

Happy snapping, boys and girls! Scan your pics and send them to us!

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