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Miniature Disposable Flasks

Miniature Disposable Flasks

This kit lets you create your own airtight pouches of booze!

Any adult drinker who travels regularly knows all about the “airplane bottles” of liquor. You’re allowed to bring them through security and you’re allowed to drink them on the plane.

This is kind of like those little bottles, except you’re able to take alcohol you purchased (presumably at a better price due to buying in higher volume) and create your own sealed flasks. The word “sealed” is really important here because – and a lot of people don’t know this – traditional flasks are illegal in a lot of places. They are considered an open container because, well, they are.

Skip right through that red tape with this kit. Fill the pouch with your poison of choice and use the little heat sealer to transform that pocket of happiness in to a street legal packet of fun!

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