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NES Cartridge-Style Harmonica

NES Cartridge-Style Harmonica

It’s boring to go alone!

Take this.

This amazing harmonica hidden inside what appears to be a classic Nintendo video game cartridge!

“But, drunkMall, why?” you ask…

Well, maybe you forgot or maybe you’re so unfortunate as to never have owned an original Nintendo Entertainment System. But sit down and we’ll tell you about a little quick-fix  method we used to call Just Blow On It. (No, it’s nothing like that thing you learned how to do in college.)

If your video game started glitching out or wouldn’t load at all, you’d turn off the system, pop that cartridge back out and blow into it as hard as you could. The idea was that dust needed to be blown out of there to get the game acting right again. Turns out we were all wasting our time and blowing into the game never really did anything…

But it does now!

When you pick up one of Blotendo’s Harmonicartridges and blow in it, you’ll find yourself playing harmonica, baby!

Their Kickstarter launched on Monday and they plan on having these things ready to ship in time for Christmas, so you know what to do, drunkMall shoppers…

Go check out their great incentive packages for backers – gold cartridge, anyone? – and help bring this project to life!

You’ll be playing your favorite 8-bit melodies in no time!


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