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Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Tipsy Tower Drinking Game

Stack up the blocks and let each one take the party up a notch until the whole thing comes crashing down – it’s Tipsy Tower!

It’s everything you know and love about Jenga with an adult twist.

The setup is exactly the same but each individual block has a directive on it, like “finish your drink” or “make a rule.” So it’s kind of like the popular drinking game Kings but using a stack of wooden blocks rather than a deck of playing cards.

Keep in mind that this is a game made of wood and liquid can be damaging to wood. You’ll want to try and keep spilled drinks to a minimum or at least not allow the game blocks to stay soaking in liquid.

Remember, if you win a game or two then it’s best to quit while you’re ahead. Your hand won’t get any steadier as the night goes on…

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