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Blue Pubic Hair Dye

Blue Pubic Hair Dye

You don’t have to be going gray downstairs to use pubic hair dye – it can just be a super special fashion statement!

If you haven’t developed a taste for granny porn, it’s totally possible that you didn’t know pubic hair goes gray (and can even go away) just like the hair on your head as you age. So, of course, anyone who uses hair dye for the hair on their head has to also dye their pubes or else it’s pretty obvious what’s happening – get it?

So, yeah, they make pubic hair dye. And it’s usually in normal colors but we found some in a bright blue! If you’re still rocking pubic hair then why not switch it up a little bit and make things more exciting with a dye job!

It’s probably a good idea to discuss this with sexual partners beforehand but it’s also probably a good idea to not get drunk and shop on the Internet and we love it when you all do that – so it’s really up to you!

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