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Cute Animal Sticky Notes

Cute Animal Sticky Notes

This is absolutely genius.

Because if you think about it, you’ll realize that sticky notes are almost exclusively used to tell people what to do. Just about every single time you’re looking at a sticky note, it’s because some other person or some past version of yourself decided that right now, no matter what you’d like to be doing, there’s something else you should be doing instead.

Now, when you’re reading this on some stupid ass square piece of paper, who cares? Right?

But if that little To Do note is written on an adorable little animal shaped sticky note, hey – that feels a little different. You’ve got a little duck, a different kind of bird (that looks somewhat like the Twitter logo) and a pink elephant. (Because elephants never forget!)

Each pack comes with two sizes of notes – a regular size and a smaller, cuter size which is perfect for replies to the first note or just small messages.


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