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Fetty Wap Glock in My ‘Rari decal

Fetty Wap Glock in My 'Rari decal

If you for real have a Ferrari, hey, that’s awesome. Good for you.

Most of us, however, don’t. But this lyric still means something to us because we’ve all got our own metaphorical Ferraris, yeah? And metaphorical Glocks to protect those metaphorical Ferraris, yeah?

Oh shit, everyone knows a Glock is a gun, right? Yup, totally a gun. If you lived through the ’90s gangsta rap game, you would already have known that because that’s all those dudes ever talked about was their Glocks. It was awesome, though. When was the last time you went back and listened to Westside Connection? It still bumps…

Anyway, measuring about 28″ x 4″, this decal lets everyone know what you’re about. Throw it up in your office, living room or bedroom like, “What’s up, world? I protect the things that are valuable to me!”

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