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Green Plaid Leggings

Green Plaid Leggings

These leggings – okay, fine, yoga pants – look a lot like some classic wrapping paper you might see on a Christmas present.

And it’s fitting because doing all that yoga and wearing yoga pants in public is essentially creating a Christmas present out of that ass.

No, no – we know that’s not why you do yoga. That’s not why you wear the yoga pants in public.

Of course not.

You do it for yourself. It’s about self improvement.

Everyone gets that.

But also, everyone has eyes. And you’re naive if you think those eyes aren’t all over your business when you wear yoga pants in public. So you can choose the black ones that look nondescript until putting the on renders the fabric transparent through stretching… Or you can embrace the situation and go with the wrapped Christmas booty present leggings.

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