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Fire Extinguisher Lighter/Flashlight

Fire Extinguisher Lighter/Flashlight

Imagine if a fire extinguisher did the exact opposite of what a fire extinguisher is supposed to do…

Wait, you don’t have to do that because someone already made that thought into a reality!

This little novelty won’t help you extinguish any flames but it will┬áproduce one when needed. All you gotta do is press down on the lever and – poof – you have fire!

And if that doesn’t get things lit up enough for you then there’s also a little flashlight on the opposite side of the fuel canister. So if you’re regularly smoking, uh, stuff… in dimly lit places and there’s a decent chance that you could drop some, uh, stuff… in even more dimly lit places – this could be your new favorite lighter/flashlight!

Just make sure you don’t light something on fire that isn’t supposed to be on fire because, like we said, you’ll be on your own with that situation!

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