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Flying Alarm Clock

Flying Alarm Clock

It’s 2017 and nobody reading this should still be using a regular-ass alarm clock.

For one thing, there isn’t a single one of you who’s never been late because you hit the snooze button of a regular alarm and went back to sleep. (And if that’s never happened to you, wow, what’s it like to have a perfect life. Wait, don’t answer. Nobody cares.)

Another reason to not have a boring alarm clock is that there are SO MANY options out there now. Just check the clocks/watches tag on this site if you don’t believe it.

Here’s one new type of alarm right here. It does your normal alarm clock business but also there’s a part on the top that shoots up into the air when the alarm goes off. Think you could stay in bed if a bird got into your house and was flying all around your bedroom?


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