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Extremely Shiny Pants

Extremely Shiny Pants

Oh, it’s hard to stand out in the crowd?

You must not be trying hard enough or you must not know about these freaking pants. Because these pants are made to be seen!

If there’s a notable source of light aimed anywhere near these things, you’ll be lit up like a disco ball, baby!

Strap on a pair of these highly reflective pants and get ready to put out the vibes because one thing you gotta know is it’s important that you wear the clothes instead of letting the clothes wear you. That means you need to BE the kind of person who wears pants like this in order to get away with wearing pants like this. They aren’t magic, they’re just shiny.

We like blue because it looks real nice with all the red on this website but you can get these in a few different colors. Hit up the link to check out your options!

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