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Dippin Dots Fizzy Candy

Dippin Dots Fizzy Candy

Don’t freak out.

You haven’t entered an alternate timeline.

They still spell it Berenstain Bears and Dippin’ Dots is still the ice cream of the future. It’s just that Dippin’ Dots is now this, also.

What “this” is happens to be an epic branching out from the Dippin’ Dots wheelhouse of flash-frozen ice cream pellets into a territory most people would agree has been dominated by Pop Rocks for the past 40 years or so: carbonated candy!

Considering that Dippin’ Dots has been “the ice cream of the future” since like the 80s, it’s about time they tried something new. We’re glad they did because this is some seriously fun and delicious candy.

You know the carbonated candy drill. Open the pouch, pour some of the contents into your mouth and enjoy the weird sensation of it fizzing up in your mouth.

The big twist here is the three insanely delicious flavors borrowed from Dippin’ Dots ice cream!

This stuff is brand new and we’re super excited to share it with you – try some today!

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