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Lemon Cooler Bag

Lemon Cooler Bag

Keep everything so, so chill with a brand new cooler bag!

Lugging a big cooler around almost never works as an accessory to a cute outfit. Music festivals and river floats, you’re gonna need a big fucking cooler, of course. But a lot of the times it’s not even like that. You just want to show up with a six pack and/or some snacks ready to serve, all while looking your least sweaty best!

That’s when you’ll need to reach for this little slice of handiness right here…

It’s a cooler bag the size of, like, an extra large purse or maybe even a rolled up yoga mat? Not sure of the exact dimensions but it’s big enough to hold things while still small enough to carry on one shoulder.

Also it’s cute as balls, if you happened to miss that part.

Easy peasy lemon squeezy!

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