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Travel Shower Vine

Travel Shower Vine

We’re all still pretending that any bottle of liquid larger than 2 ounces is a critical threat to the survival of all the human beings on an airplane?

Shit is ridiculous.

You ever watch what airport security does with the liquid in bottles larger than the limit? They make you dump it in a trash can, right there around all the other people going through security. So their logic is that this liquid could be a dangerous amount of some dangerous thing and their strategy to avert disaster is to expose everyone in the immediate vicinity to the contents of the container. Got it.

Whatever. If this is how we’re going to live from now on (which, again, is so fucking stupid, you guys), then you can at least not have to deal with all those stupid little bottles rolling around in your bag.

The Shower Tie is like a little vine you hang from a showerhead and all your little travel bottles are hanging together, right there. It’s the only way to fly.

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