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Ultimate Werewolf Party Game

Ultimate Werewolf Party Game

Anyone who’s spent a decent amount of time in the chat rooms of a service that allows bots to be built for that platform knows this game. Traditionally known as Mafia, you’ve seen this game played as Werewolf on IRC clients and, more recently, chat apps like Telegram.

Of course, it’s also played offline. There’s even an entire horror movie about some very bad kids playing a murderous version of the game. Presuming you don’t want to actually murder your friends and you’d just like to have a bit of fun playing a complex party game, here’s Ultimate Werewolf.

The rules aren’t that complicated but the basic idea is that there are two teams of players but not everyone knows what team they’re on and the whole point of the game is to try to figure that out before…

Well, every game has losers…

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